Sönnichsen Rum- the liquid sun of Jamaica

For over two hundred years Flensburg was the Rum capital of Europe and their fleet was once the largest in the Baltic. Flensburg supplied the Danish Colonies in the West Indies with manufactured goods and in return coffee, sugar and rum were imported. After many months at sea they discovered the advantage of storing Rum in wooden casks where it would mature and acquire an even better taste.
By the mid 18th century there were more than 200 companies in Flensburg producing Rum-Verschnitt, the Rum-blend which they had become famous for and the level of imported Rum had reached the incredible volume of 1 million litres of Pure-Rum a year.
Jamaica was known for producing a very intense type of rum, the “German Flavoured Rum”. This Pure-Rum had undergone a procedure during distillation to ensure a large amount of ester along with the high percentage of alcohol. For this reason Flensburg exclusively obtained its Pott-Still Rum from Jamaica.
In 1956 the beverage producer, Hans A. Sönnichsen, wanted to pursue his dream of producing the perfect Rum. Born and raised in Flensburg, with the scent of sugarcane tickling his nose, he took advantage of the town’s long experience in creating Rum-blends. After tasting numerous Rums my father bought 4 of the most delicate Jamaican Pure-Rums with 1200 ester and which had already spent 5 years in oak casks.
The production of Rum this high in ester was greatly reduced in the 1950’s, when companies started producing a larger amount of Rum using a quicker procedure.
Hans A. Sönnichsen completely devoted himself to the creation of a high grade, mild Rum-blend. With his sense for the exceptional, his patience and his demand for the best quality he made a dark blend that reached its full bodied aroma after 33 long years in oak casks.
My father’s sweet adventure has now come to an end and our stock is running low of those numbered bottles. So make sure that you will experience a taste explosion through the achievement of a passionate gourmet.
We are also proud of the fact, that our rum was dedicated “Best rum” in his category at the IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) tasting in London in 2007.
I hope you will spend some joyful hours with our delicious treasure.

With honour
Eckhard   Sönnichsen