Corporate Profile

In 1946 Hans A. Sönnichsen founded his company in Flensburg to produce Soda-water and other non-alcohol beverages.
Possessing a deep sided well it was suggesting to also produce spirits.
So he created his assortment of spirits in the following years.
Besides some specialties of liqueurs he concentrated on producing his own blend of Jamaica rum.

His son Eckhard Sönnichsen joined the company of his father in 1969 after passing his apprenticeship in the well known “Rumhouse Pott” in Flensburg.
This has not been a surprise because already as a child he was helping his father in the company and was interested in everything happening there.

The biggest part of the production went to gastronomy and catering.
The name Sönnichsen-beverages stands for service and reliability throughout Flensburg, the area and also southern Denmark and is to be distinguished since 1946 by flexibility and customer oriented service.

After Hans A. Sönnichsen passed in 2000 my very special concern is to get the probably last pure rum of this kind originating from the fifties across lovers and connoisseurs as a blend of Jamaica rum.

Eckhard   Sönnichsen