General Terms and Conditions:

Goods must not be sold to anyone under the age of 18.
Sales contracts only result after receipt of the amount invoiced.

2. Prices and terms of payment
The list price at the time of order placement or order confirmation is valid for delivery.
Our prices are in euros, plus shipping costs, without any other additional services unless explicitly mentioned otherwise.
The goods are dispatched according to the payment method chosen. A payment is only considered as effected when Eckhard Sönnichsen possesses the amount.

3. Delivery period
Delivery usually takes place within 1 week of receipt of payment (within Germany and Europe).
Delays in delivery, which are caused by legal or official regulations (e.g. import and export constraints) are not covered by us. In important cases we will inform the buyer of the beginning and end of such obstacles as soon as possible.
We cannot accept indemnity claims for delays in delivery due to force majeur, inability to deliver, environmental disasters and similar happenings.

4. Delivery, shipment, risk transfer
We can determine the mode of dispatch, the dispatch route and the company commissioned with the dispatch at our discretion, provided the buyer does not give any explicit instructions.
Risk is transferred to the buyer, provided that the sending is transferred with the delivery items from the carrier to the buyer. This applies regardless of who pays the shipping charges. In the case of alleged damage in transit, the buyer must immediately reprimand the deliverer/carrier and subsequently inform the seller in order to be able to lodge a claim against the seller.

5. Right of cancellation
The consumer is entitled to the right of cancellation according to article 361a of the Civil Law Code (BGB; Bürgerliches Gesetzbuch) in connection with the Distance Selling Act.
The consumer is not bound to his contractual statement if it is cancelled within a period of two weeks after receipt of goods. In the case of recurring delivery of the same type, receipt of the first part of the delivery is considered as the start date.
The cancellation does not have to contain any justification, it must be in written form, be on another permanent data medium or by returning the goods.
Posting the cancellation to

Firma Eckhard Sönnichsen
Wasserlooslück 1
24944 Flensburg

in due time is sufficient in order to observe the time limit.
After receipt of the cancellation we are obliged to refund possible payments.
The consumer is obliged to send back the goods delivered at our risk. The returning is only carried out using a prepaid package. Additional shipping costs cannot be reimbursed.

6. Reservation of property rights
Up until complete receipt of payment the goods remain our property.

7. Guarantee/ Disclaimer
We guarantee that the delivery items are free from errors (according to the respective developments in technology) for the duration of the legal period. This excludes liability for normal wear and tear. Used goods are sold without any guarantee.
We assume no responsibility for defects and damages which have resulted from inappropriate or faulty use, non-observance of application instructions, faulty or careless treatment.
Obvious defects must be indicated immediately in writing, at the latest ten working days after receipt of delivery.
Provided that there is a defect present, we are authorised to the removal of defects or compensation at our discretion.

If we are not prepared or able to provide replacements, if the replacement delivery or the removal of defects fail at least twice or the replacement delivery i.e. removal of defects is unacceptable for the buyer, then the buyer is entitled at his choice to withdraw from the contract or to demand an appropriate slackening of the sales contract.
Unless otherwise agreed, further claims from the buyer are excluded, regardless of the legal ground. We are not liable for lost profit or other financial losses of the buyer. Existing relief of reliability does not apply, provided that the damage resulted from intention, gross negligence, absence of a warranted property or breach of essential contract obligations.
Should a defect be present, the buyer must get in contact with us before sending back the goods in order to discuss the correction of the defect.

8. Use of customer data
We are entitled to use all data, which relate to the business connections with customers according to the German Data Protection Act. Any information given to us by the customer will not be passed on to other companies for any purpose.

9. Applicable Law
Should individual regulations of the delivery contract or of these terms and conditions be ineffective, the remaining regulations remain effective. German law is applied in the case of transnational delivery.

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